About Us

From the guys who brought you Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern… we’re proud to bring you Joel Lane’s Public House!

What better place to enjoy a hearty sandwich and a cold beer than in the father of Raleigh’s own pub? A restaurant concept 250 years in the making, Joel Lane’s Public House is serving a full menu of tasty burgers, gourmet wings, and tavern fare alongside a wide selection of local beer, bourbon, and fine wines 6 days a week. The tavern will be open Tuesday-Sunday from 4:30pm until 2:00am. As sister establishment to Fayetteville Street’s popular Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern, Joel Lane’s Public House strives to establish tradition of quality pub food, served in a friendly atmosphere, to Downtown Raleigh’s Glenwood South district.


The Story of Joel Lane

In 1792, the General Assembly appointed nine commissioners to find a suitable location for the new capital of North Carolina. Perhaps because the commissioners felt a few frothy pints might help them accomplish their task, the commissioners met at a well-known watering hole owned by Isaac Hunter.

The commissioners then moved their meeting to the home of a remarkable man known as Colonel Joel Lane — war hero and spirit purveyor. Legend has it that Colonel Lane regaled the commission with his stories from the war as they sipped his homemade Cherry Bounce whiskey.

Some say it didn’t take long before Joel Lane had won the commission over with his delicious libations, and on March 30th, 1792 the commission decided to purchase one thousand acres of Joel Lane’s undeveloped land to found the city we know as Raleigh, North Carolina.

Joel Lane’s Public House
410 Glenwood Ave Suite 350